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NoJudulAuthorPenulis kePublikasi di JurnalVol/Nomor(Hal)TahunAfiliasi Tel-U Terindeks Scopus 
1Probing magnetic order in CuFeO2 through nuclear forward scattering in high magnetic fields"Ismudiati Puri HPhysical Review B88/060408201311
2"Temperature-dependent and anisotropic optical response of layered Pr0.5Ca1.5MnO4 probed by spectroscopic ellipsometryIsmudiati Puri HPhys. Rev. B87/235135201311
3Effects of charge-orbital order-disorder phenomena on the unoccupied electronic states in the single-layered half-doped Pr0.5Ca1.5MnO4Ismudiati Puri HPhys. Rev. B87/155118201311
4Dynamics of photo-excited electrons in magnetically ordered TbMnO3Ismudiati Puri HJournal of Physics : Condensed Matter25/116007201311
5Electrochemically deposited and etched membranes with precisely sized micropores for biological fluids microfiltrationAbrarJ. Micromech. Microeng23 / 074007201311
6Syntheses and characterizations of supercapacitors using nano-sized ZnO/nanoporous carbon electrodes and PVA-based polymer-hydrogel electrolytesMemoria Rosi1Material Science Forum 737 / pp 85-92201311
7Enhancement Performance of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell from black rice as dye and black ink as counter electrode with inserting copper on the space between TiO2 particles by using electroplating methodMemoria Rosi4Material Science Forum 737 / pp 85-92201311
8Synthesis and characterization of InGaAs nanowires grown by MOCVDEdy Wibowo2Journal of Physics: Conference Series423 / 012047201311
9The Effect of Indium Mole Fraction on the Growth Behavior of In x Ga 1-x As Nanowires (NWs) Grown Using MOCVDEdy Wibowo2Advanced Materials Research667 / 224-230201311
10One-step fabrication of short electrospun fibers using an electric sparkIndra Wahyudin F1Journal of Materials Processing Technology213 / 11201311
11Self-Assembly of Colloidal Nanoparticles Inside Charged Droplets during Spray-Drying in the Fabrication of Nanostructured ParticlesAsep Suhendi1Langmuir29(43) , 13152-13161 (2013)201311
12Preparation of Agglomeration-free Spherical Hollow Silica Particles using an Electrospray Method with Colloidal TemplatingAsep Suhendi1Materials Letters106, 432-435 (2013)201311
13Influences of Surface Charge, Size, and Concentration of Colloidal Nanoparticles on Fabrication of Self-organized Porous Silica in Film and Particle FormsAsep Suhendi2Langmuir29 (21), 6262−6270 (2013)201311
14Control of cone-jet geometry during electrospray by an electric currentAsep Suhendi2Advanced Powder Technology24(2), 532-536 (2013)201311
15Ion-induced nucleation rate measurement in SO 2 /H 2 O/N 2 gas mixture by soft X-ray ionization at various pressures and temperaturesAsep Suhendi2Advanced Powder Technology24 (1), 143-149201311
16Agglomeration-free core-shell polystyrene/silica particles preparation using an electrospray method and additive-free cationic polystyrene coreAsep Suhendi2Materials Letters91, 161-164201311
17Electrical Impedance Tomography in Rectangular Object using Data collection System based on Absolute Boundary Potential MeasurementDudi DarmawanJournal of Radiologi42796201411
18Flow Rate Control system design of hydrogen gas in the polymer exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) using PI methodReza Fauzi3International Journal; Scientific Journal of PPI – UKMVol 2 No 3201411
19Hydrogel-Polymer Electrolytes Based on Polyvinyl Alcohol and Hydroxyethylcellulose for Supercapacitor ApplicationsMemoria Rosi1International Journal of Electrochemical Science9 / 4251-4256201411
20Room-Temperature Deposition of ZnO Thin Films by using DC Magnetron SputteringEdy Wibowo5Advanced Materials Research896 / 237-240201411
21One-Step Fabrication of Short Nanofibers by Electrospinning: Effect of Needle Size on Nanofiber LengthIndra Wahyudin F1Advanced Materials896 / 33201411
22Short electrospun composite nanofibers: Effects of nanoparticle concentration and surface charge on fiber lengthIndra Wahyudin F1Current Applied Physics42869201411
23Self-healing polymer coatings with cellulose nanofibers served as pathways for the release of a corrosion inhibitorIndra Wahyudin F3Corrosion Science85 / 141201411
24Transparent conductive coatings of hot-pressed ITO nanoparticles on a plastic substrateIndra Wahyudin F3Chemical Engineering252 / 275201411
25Synthesis of copper conductive film by low-temperature thermal decomposition of copper–aminediol complexes under an air atmosphereIndra Wahyudin F3Materials Chemistry and148 / 1-2201411
26A simple one-step fabrication of short polymer nanofibers via electrospinningIndra Wahyudin F1Journal of Materials Science49 / 9201411
27Size- and charge-controllable polystyrene spheres for templates in the preparation of porous silica particles with tunable internal hole configurationsAsep Suhendi2Chemical Engineering Journal256, 421–430 (2014)201411
28Correlation between lattice dynamics with charge, orbital, and spin degrees of freedom in Pr 0.5 Ca 1.5 MnO 4. Ismudiati Puri HPhys. Rev. B92/205101201511
29Raman Spectra of Multiferroic TbMnO 3Ismudiati Puri HAdvanced Material Research112/23201511
30Design Of Temperature Control Based Fuzzy Logic For Substrate In Thermophilic Hydrogen ReactorReza Fauzi3JMECS-201511
31Proportional Control Design on Mobile Robot for Leader Follower Formation Using ZigBee Wireless Communication ModuleAhmad QurtobiScientific Journal of PPI-UKM42737201511
32Fuzzy Logic Control Design for Leader Follower Method Using Zigbee Communication ModuleAhmad QurtobiScientific Journal of PPI-UKM42737201511
33Design of Brush DC Motor’s Speed Controller Using PI Method with Adjusted Hydrogen Fuel Feed on The PEMFCAbrarScientific Journal of PPI-UKM2/3( 122-128)201511
34Web-based Surface Level Measuring System Employing Ultrasonic Sensors and GSM/GPRS-based CommunicationRahmat Awaludin S2Applied Mechanics and Materials771/ 92-95201511
35Development of a Wireless Sensor Network for Temperature and Humidity MonitoringRahmat Awaludin S3Applied Mechanics and Materials771 / 42-45201511
36Measurement of Glucose in Blood Using a Simple Non Invasive MethodRahmat Awaludin S3Material Science Forum827 / 105-109201511
37Thermally Activated Clay to Compete Zeolite for Seawater Desalination.Edy Wibowo1Advanced Materials Research1112 / 154-157201511
38Application of Immobilized Titanium Dioxide as Reusable Photocatalyst on Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene BlueEdy Wibowo3Advanced Materials Research1112 / 149-153201511
39Enhancement of TiO2 Particles Based-Solar Cells Efficiency by Addition of Copper(II) Nitrate and Post-Treatment with Sodium HydroxideEdy Wibowo2Advanced Materials Research1112 / 245-250201511
40Reduction of Harmful Substances in Cigarette Smoke using TiO2 Nanoparticles. Edy Wibowo3Advanced Materials Research1112 / 425-428201511
41Highly Oriented ZnO:Al Thin Films as an Alternative Transparent Conducting Oxide (TCO) for Windows Layer of Solar Cells. Edy Wibowo4Advanced Materials Research1113/ 364-367201511
42Preparation and evaluation of magnetic nanocomposite fibers containing α ″-Fe16N2 and α-Fe nanoparticles in polyvinylpyrrolidone via magneto-electrospinningAsep Suhendi2Nanotechnology27 (2), 025601201511
43Preparation and Characterization of Magnetic Films of Well-dispersed Single Domain of Core-Shell α"-Fe16N2/Al2O3 NanoparticlesAsep Suhendi1Advanced Powder TechnologyAccepted September 2015201511
44Low-Energy Bead-Mill Dispersion of Agglomerated Core-Shell α-Fe/Al2O3 and α″-Fe16N2/Al2O3 Ferromagnetic Nanoparticles in TolueneAsep Suhendi2Langmuir31 (22), 6011–6019 (2015)201511
45Applied Current Injection and Magnetic Field Induction Simultaneously on Electrical Impedance TomographyDudi DarmawanInternational Journal of Tomography and Simulation42764201611
46New particle formation under the influence of the long-range transport of air pollutants in East Asia.Indra ChandraAtmospheric Environment141/30-40201611
47Simulation Of Temperature Distribution And Proportional Control Effects In Horizontal Fin Heat Sink CPUReza Fauzi2Journal of Measurements, Electronics, Communications, and SystemsVol 1 No 1201611
48Optimasi Respon Flutter Aeroelastis Menggunakan Metode Interior Point dan Kontrol Proporsional-Integral-DerivatifReza Fauzi1Jurnal Teknik Elektro & Komputer ISSN: 2301-8402Vol 5 no 1201611
49Design of capacitive sensor for water level measurementAhmad QurtobiJournal of Physics776/01201611
50Synthesis and Thermal Characterization of Al 2 O 3 NanoparticlesAbrarJournal of Physics : Conference Series, Institute of Physics (IOP)776 /1201611
51A Simple Accelerometer CalibratorRahmat Awaludin S1Journal of Physics: Conference Series739/ 012099201611
52Design of Deformation Monitoring System for Volcano MitigationRahmat Awaludin S2Journal of Physics: Conference Series739 / 012084201611
53The dynamics of a cylinder containing granules rolling down an inclined planeEdy Wibowo1Powder Technology301/ 44-45201611
54Properties of ZnO:Ga Thin Films Deposited by dc Magnetron Sputtering: Influence of Ga-Doped Concentrations on Structural and Optical Properties. Edy Wibowo2American Journal of Applied Sciences13 (12)/ 1394-1399201611
55Thermal Conductivity Measurement using Thermoelctric ModuleTri Ayodha Ajiwiguna1Journal of Physics: Conference Series 776 (1) / 012098201611
56Experimental Study of Thermal Efficiecy on Plate-fin Solar Thermal CollectorTri Ayodha Ajiwiguna1ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences11 / 809-811201611
57Improved Junction Temperature Measurement for High Power LEDsTri Ayodha Ajiwiguna1ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 11 / 1030-1034.201611
58pH-controlled self-healing polymer coatings with cellulose nanofibers providing an effective release of corrosion inhibitorIndra Wahyudin F3Corrosion Science103 /201611
59Mapping the Influence of Electrospinning Parameters on the Morphology Transition of Short and Continuous NanofibersIndra Wahyudin F1Fibers and Polymers 17 / 1238-1244201611
60Multi-plate, thin-film electrodes of manganese oxide synthesized via the thermal decomposition of a manganese-amine complex for use as electrochemical supercapacitorsIndra Wahyudin F1Electrochimica Actahttp://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.electacta.2016.11.025.201611
61Effect of magnetic field strength on the alignment of α′′-Fe 16 N 2 nanoparticle filmsAsep Suhendi2Nanoscale8 (5), 2648-2655201611
62Slip Control Design of Electric Vehicle Using Indirect Dahlin Adaptive PIDM. Ramdlan KJournal of Physics: Conference Series776/1201611
63Synthesis and Thermal Characterization of Al 2 O 3 NanoparticlesM. Ramdlan KJournal of Physics: Conference Series776/1201611
64Experimental Study of Thermal Efficiency on Plate-Fin Solar Thermal CollectorM. Ramdlan KARPN Journal42777201611
65The Transformation of Equation of the Characteristic Curves to Widen the Working Area of the Hall Effect SensorDudi DarmawanJournal of Physics : Conference Series, Institute of Physics (IOP)201711
66Reduction of seawater salinity by natural zeolite (Clinoptilolite): Adsorption isotherms, thermodynamics and kinetics. Edy Wibowo1Desalination409/ 146–156.201711
67Utilization of natural zeolite as sorbent material for seawater desalinationEdy Wibowo1Procedia Engineering10.1016/j.proeng.2017.03.002201711
68Batik wastewater treatment using TiO 2 nanoparticles coated on the surface of plastic sheetEdy Wibowo3Procedia Engineering10.1016/j.proeng.2017.03.015201711
69Controlling the length of short electrospun polymer nanofibers via the addition of micro spherical silica particlesIndra Wahyudin F3J. Mater. Sci,52 / 4016-4024201711
70Analysis of the Influence of Internal Pressure Control to the Total Gas Production in Anaerobic DigesterAhmad Qurthobi3Procedia Engineering201711
71Analysis of The Influence of Internal Pressure Control to The Total Gas Production in Anaerobic DigesterM. Ramdlan KProcedia Engineering201711
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